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Dating preferences questionnaire

If you leave both x and y to their default 0 value (or if you set it to 0), then moodle's HTML editor will be displayed with standard height and width (if available in the course/user context & user profile).This is not a question but a (short) text which will be displayed to introduce a series of questions.

In Questionnaire 2.5 and later, please use two colons (::) as a separator. 4 Osgood's Semantic differential ' Possible answers.The question name generated will be based on the question number in the actual Quiz (excluding Section Text pseudo-questions, of course) e.g. This type of "short-name" naming scheme is advisable for exporting your data to a statistics software.Of course, it's up to you to have your own system for remembering which abbreviated question name corresponds to which question in your questionnaire!The HTML editor is available, which means that you can display not only formatted text but also images or other media in a questionnaire's questions text.Select the type of question from the drop-down list and click on the Add selected question type button.

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