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Dating painted dials

The "Painted" dial (on the right) was produced from production year 2002 - 2005 (E-F-G) is on the right.Above is a picture of the PAM00111 Luminor Marina from 2005 or and (I) case number with a "sandwich" dial.These two volumes are illustrated by over 2,500 illustrations, many in colour, including numerous specially drawn diagrams of clock mechanisms.With many charts and tables it is an indispensable reference work on the longcase clock for horologists, collectors and restorers.Examples of plates and pillars to help date and identify movements.How longcase clock wheels were cut and depthed John Robey was born in Nottingham and after studying physics at Leeds University and researching magnetic materials at Sheffield University, he worked in the electrical power industry, before moving into nonfiction publishing.He was awarded the British Horological Institute’s 2007 Barratt Silver Medal for his contributions to horological research, writing and publishing.There are a few differences between the Panerai PAM00111 Luminor Marina since the release in 2002.

This book is unique in showing many aspects of longcase clock movements that have not been recorded elsewhere.

The movements are both based on the ETA 6497, a workhorse in the ETA movement family.

It is a 17 jewel manual wind movement with a "Swan's Neck" Regulator with a 56 hour power reserve.

Throughout this book there is emphasis on the practical aspect — not only how movements, dials (both brass and painted), and cases developed stylistically, but how they were actually made.

American tall-case clocks are compared and contrasted with their British counterparts.

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Painted dials are also covered in detail with much new information on dialmakers in Birmingham and elsewhere.