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Hopefully, you do not need to read dozens of pages from Wikipedia about Romanian culture.

Below, you will find the most useful and informative tips and pieces of advice for a single guy who is looking for hot Romanian women.

I am a sportive lady ( Third party contractor ) with 1,76m height, 79 kg sportive healty body.

Looking for well educated, cultured, sweet talk, polite, romantic friend wi..

The interface is intuitively understandable and the services are perfect for international romantic communication. First of all, girls from Romania are very friendly and hospitable.

You will find your communication with a woman from this country very relaxing and engaging.

Romanians are a barbaric people and they tend to prove it everyday.

Romania is a patriarchal state, everything revolves around the males: they get better jobs, more money, they tend to get more votes, the percent of men in the parliament, government etc is way higher than the percent of women; there is the concept that some occupations are for women only - maid, secretary, waitress, cleaning lady (there is never a job listing for “cleaning man”, it’s always for a “lady”) etc - while high paid jobs are always masculine - lady doctor, lady lawyer, lady banker (words for some jobs - like “banker”, “minister” - don’t even have a feminine counterpart); women are weak, they need more protection (our laws are made as if women are handicapped, like they are minorities) which is far from the truth, because they are just as smart, powerful and capable to take care of themselves as men are.

The majority of mail order brides from this country want to have real relationships with a mature and responsible man.They are not looking for one-night stands – they need a confident man who can provide for the family.Dating a Romanian woman means having an incredibly beautiful, elegant, and charming lady.You will be stunned with the beauty of theirs – their wide-open eyes that can conquer any man, bright and alluring smiles, curvy figures, and full lips will definitely drive you crazy!There are two ways to find a date from this country.

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