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Or we pour over the conversation we had earlier in the day with you, wondering if something we said hurt or disappointed you.

In truth, if we love you, we’ll spend time analyzing and reflecting on our time together.

We crave deep connections, and we strive for the ideal romance.We see the potential you carry, and we are more than willing to remind you of how capable you are of pursuing your goals. When you spend time with us one-on-one, we’ll get into conversations that cover a lot of ground, everything from a traumatic moment in our childhood to our thoughts about this current political climate. For INFJs, there’s no rush to give away information about ourselves, especially if we’re certain we’ve met the right person.As we open up to you, you will see more and more of our inner world, which is surprisingly spontaneous and adventurous (even though it may not seem that way at first glance).You will hear what awakens our passion and what has affected us in the past. INFJs, like many introverts, are often accused of overthinking and being too “in our heads.” And yes, it’s true, sometimes this tendency of ours creates a problem for us.We’ll open the door to our secret thoughts and feelings (a door that has probably been closed for a long time). We lie awake thinking about something embarrassing we did five years ago.

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What is it like when this rare personality finally meets the right person? We recommend this free personality test.)Most INFJs do not have many close relationships, because we see the world in a unique way, so we don’t click with just anybody.

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