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CS type engines gained a reputation for longevity and reliability, especially in Commonwealth countries, to which they were widely exported.Some CS engines ran practically continuously for decades in agricultural, industrial and electrical applications. During World War I, the factory was focused solely on War Department production, producing petrol engines, lighting sets and munitions. Charles Ashton Lister managed the company's business in North America and was based in Canada.The company was eventually turned round under Percy's control, aided by the introduction in 1926 of the Lister Auto-Truck, used to move goods around factories, railway stations and dockyards the world over; production continued until 1973.During the late 1920s Sir Robert and Charles Ashton Lister had been responsible for trying to obtain payments of bad debts incurred by American and Canadian farmers during the Great Depression.Being sympathetic to their plight Charles suggested to Sir Robert that Listers should sue the banks for their money. However, Charles remained in Canada where he built up the North American business for Listers as well as pursuing other business opportunities on his own.

These could be bought stand alone (many were used in the construction industry), or powering a complementary range of pumps, churns, cream separators, autotrucks, generating plant and sheep shearing equipment.Here at Listerparts, we are able to offer an increasingly rare combination of product supply; hands on experience of the product - plus we are happy to help with information, if we can, even if you don't shop here.We would like to think you have now found the most local, best stocked Lister dealer you could wish for -- no more than a click away from your closest keyboard. At uk, Lister parts, engines and associated items are the only thing we do.There are none of the other sort used on this site, so you can browse as long as you like and still be a complete mystery to us.:-) Please email or telephone, or go to the Engine Index Page either to help identify your engine if you are not sure which Lister you have, or for some useful information on parts and ordering for your engine.

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Retailing revenues were particularly healthy in Australia and New Zealand, where sheep-shearing equipment was in great demand.