Dating guys with possessive sisters

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Dating guys with possessive sisters

This guy's behavior is not “like a boyfriend would be.”Most of us have something wrong with us, sure.

I don't understand women who stay with dudes like this, so please explain it to me. Or did you just think that was how things were supposed to be? It's a weakness, but I feel naked when I trust my heart with anyone other than myself. I didn't mind not defining whatever we were doing because I was fine with how things were. It takes me a while to figure out what the hell I want. But when I meet a person of interest, and I find out more about that person, eventually, I fall head over heels for all this person's values and faults. I don't show it, though, because of my pride and stubbornness.Honestly, there's a very good chance he wouldn't let you go out with your girls in fear of another man approaching you, and you would have to reaffirm your feelings for him whenever he felt threatened. That's where you went wrong — you picked a jealous dude. You recognized it, and then, you still doubled down.Basically, he would want to chaperone you everywhere you go, even though you've given him no reason not to trust you. This relationship was always going to end, solely based on how you started it.

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Did you just like the feeling of being with someone — anyone? In the meantime, my advice is to say fuck that dude. Fuck him for tricking you into thinking you're not better off without him.

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