Dating guide new york 20

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Dating guide new york 20

Seidman, from their well-known treatise “Basic Principles of Incantations & Applied Esoterics.” Students will receive a thorough grounding in contemporary theories of magical utterances, as well as applications of incantations.

Lessons will culminate in practical exams in the use of Proto Esoterica, as befitting young adults of breeding.”Basic Principles of Incantation is a performance-based interactive theatre game about linguistics and magic.

So come see what’s been hiding beneath the floorboards and try not to be afraid. Mo FE offers you an awe-inspiring trip* induced technologically, where you suspend your perceptions, reflect on the subconscious, and feel the overwhelming thrill of having a hole bored through your head.*Side effects may include: heightened sensitivity, intense connectivity, and an acute sense of openness.

When: September 6–8Where: Skirball Center for the Performing Arts, 566 La Guardia Pl, New York, NY 10012Price: ; general on sale June 5Tags: #immersivetheatre, #sitespecific, #tragedy, #Greek, #promenade, #Mobility Advisory (see below)Theatrical legend Jo Anne Akalaitis creates a site-specific processional performance exploring the monumental impact of the messenger character from classic drama.

A wheelchair and/or walker should be able to navigate the path to the main house, where audience will eventually be seated. An otherworldly medium arrives to reach out to the spirit of Poe. As The Society seeks answers to Poe’s unresolved death, what they find out is their own terrifying truth. When: Last Wednesday of each month: May 29; June 26; July 31; August 28Where: Norwood Club, 241 W 14th Street, New York, NYPrice: 0; 21 ; includes signature cocktail Tags: #intimate, #spooky, #interactive, #magic, #Contact Advisory, #Content Advisory (see below)In the late Victorian era, the spiritualists claimed they discovered a connection to the other side.

Nearly 100 year later, séances continue to capture the public’s fascination.

The immersive production will unfold in several locations around the estate, both indoors and outdoors, with audience members following the characters from place to place.

A gothic thriller originally written in 1898 by American Novelist, Henry James, The Turn of the Screw embodies supernatural elements and suspense.

When: September 7–29Where: Theater Lab, 357 West 36th Street, Third Floor Price: , for students, Previews are Pay What You Can Tags: #immersivetheatre, #dance, #interactive, #Contact Advisory, #Mobility Advisory (see below)Play! What happens to lab rats when you deprive them of play? The answer to inefficiency is not more work, it’s play.But are they truly a gateway to another realm or simply the manifestations of our own terrified imaginations? Mo FE is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience blending immersive theater, psychology, and virtual reality.Led by world-renowned mentalist Jason Suran, “The Other Side” is an intimate theatrical experience which offers the chance for 15 brave participants a night to attempt to answer that question at the historic five story Norwood Mansion in Chelsea. Suran will lead guests through the strange and unusual history of spiritualism all the while recreating the astonishing effects that helped spark the spiritualist craze over a century ago. In groups of six or fewer, you are guided through a 60-minute cerebral exploration that includes individual analysis, audio-visual stimulation, and dreamlike virtual reality curated to your individual psyche. We mean it this time: Broken Bone Bathtub is launching one LAST cross country tour. This cast needs to put itself to rest as Siobhan finds a place to land.Join us for the last time in the home of our wonderful, incredible host, James Broken Bone Bathtub is an immersive theatre project taking place inside a bathtub, in an actual home.

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Participants who have trouble with either will have difficulties participating. Audiences will be invited to participate in the environment’s magic realism, and encouraged to touch, smell, eat and test all products and artwork on site. In honor of the 170th anniversary of the death of Edgar Allan Poe, the innovative experience guides attendees through a completely transformed historical 5th Avenue mansion where they will uncover details about Poe’s life, legacy, and the mysterious circumstances of his death.

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