Dating early pantograph

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Dating early pantograph

All inputs incorporate suitable EMI protection, and all internal electronic assemblies are enclosed in a dual Faraday cage.Typical DPM dimensions are 240 x 175 x 40 mm with a mass of 3kg (including batteries).

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The DPM is programmed to execute a daily download of all stored events to the RSRU.

This data is used to indicate where impacts have occurred, and allows long-term trending of faults developing in particular areas.

The 100 highest events are stored in the time domain, sampled at 330 Hz for a duration of 6 seconds (including 2 seconds before the event), along with an event ID, maximum detected value, and GPS-provided time, date, speed and accurate location data.

The lowest event is overwritten as and when subsequent higher events are recorded.

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Modern high speed rail vehicles can suffer from damage to the contact strip when the dynamic interaction results in excessive impacts.