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Dating craters

, Copyright (2014), with permission from Elsevier Potassium-40 decays slowly into argon-40, so that the more argon-40 present, the older the sample is.However, measuring the ratio of potassium-40 to argon-40 has the disadvantage of the potassium and argon needing to be measured separately.Sometimes the layers of rock tell the story as the impact might have occurred at the boundary between two geological time periods.Fossils preserved within rocks can also help place constraints on the age.The heating of the sample occurs incrementally, in what is known as “step heating.” Ideally each argon degassing step should yield the same age, so that when all the individual ages are plotted together on a graph, the age is constant for the entire sample and yields a plateau.

In the West Lake, this is evident as a ring of islands in the middle of the lake.A binary asteroid is two asteroids that are orbiting each other, as well as orbiting the Sun.The Clearwater lakes in Canada are a double crater, but geologist Martin Schmieder of the University of Western Australia, and colleagues, now believe that the craters were formed in two separate events.This knowledge can be used to prove whether models predicting crater impact and frequency are accurate.Now Emerson Speyerer, senior research engineer for the LRO, and colleagues have used that vast collection of data to see whether the current accepted rate of lunar impacts is accurate.

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