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Dating costume jewellery

Some of these manufacturers go all the way back to the 1700s! He literally read the entire 1987 World Book Encyclopedia when he was 23 years old.

His expertise ranges across the entire spectrum of pop culture.

My personal collection consists of many Monet pieces, some of which I will share with you.

I spend more time looking for pieces to add to my Monet collection than any other designer items and I am always happy to be on the search for customers looking for specific items that they desire, so if you are in need of assistance in this area do not hesitate to contact me.

Whilst Chanel is renowned for encouraging women to "fake it" by adorning themselves in faux pearls and jewels that were more affordable than fine jewellery, for the average woman looking to expand their accessory collection, Chanel may be out of the price range.

Monet jewellery by comparison is far more affordable and accessible for collectors and once you explore the collections that span the decades of the 1930s - 80s and beyond, you will agree that the quality, design and craftmanship make Monet jewellery items an investment for the future.

This business was a huge success and the Monocraft products were greatly sought after due to their superior quality and craftmanship.

If you have searched through my items for sale you are sure to notice that I have considerable more Monet jewellery pieces listed compared to any other designer.

As mentioned in my Welcome introduction, my love for vintage jewellery began with Chanel.

) that do not have the copywriter symbol, I will give examples of these also.

A full listing of the pieces used in the photos displayed throughout this page can be found at the bottom of the page.

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After the passing of Joseph Chernow in 1966, Michael searched for a new business partner and in 1968 signed with General Mills.