Dating canco cans

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Dating canco cans

The swirling designs on top incorporate horses, cupids, winged women, birds, helmets, and fish. The tin is stamped Canco in a circle on the bottom; the American Can Company used this mark in the early 1900s.

If you needed new oil, an attendant would grab a metal oil can, add oil to your car's engine, and then throw away the can.These days, the relatively few oil cans that survived that familiar pattern have become collectibles.Motor oil cans were made by the American Can Company, Columbia... These cans, usually white/grey or rust-red (like primer) were issued instead of wood boxes because use inside a vehicle required a box with a removable lid.The same box was also used for other cartridges and was stencil marked to indicate the contents, usually in yellow. The M1 ammo box had a hinged lid that could be simply flipped up for use or could be removed by sliding it off the hinge.

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If the bottom is concave, it's either a Continental Can dating from 1937 to the late 1950s, (near the seam of your can is "Cap Sealed), or an American Can can dating from 1941 to the early 1950s (near the seam of your can is "Keglined" and patent numbers).

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