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At the side of the avenue is the immense Pyramid of the Sun which is 210 feet tall, this was 249 feet as it originally had a temple on top.

Its base length is 738 feet, which is 10 feet less than the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

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Between the 4th and 7th century Teotihuacn was to reach it height with influence throughout most parts of Mesoamerica reaching its peak around 450 AD when it was to become one of the largest cities of the world at that time covering an area of 30 Sq km (11 Sq miles) with a population of between 85,000-200,000 inhabitants.Along the Avenue of the Dead are many smaller constructions which the Aztecs believed were tombs, hence the name of the avenue.These are now believed to have been ceremonial platforms that were topped with temples.campervan 240v hook up kit indulekha bringha hair oil price in bangalore dating An artistic body shot.Gregorio Luke is an expert on Mexican and Latin American art and culture Aztec (mexica).

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