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As an expatriate you may not have any choice but to live alone, as 75% of the UAE population is made up from foreign workers this is quite common.Cities in the UAE have been designed to attract tourists from all over the world with giant shopping malls, plenty of restaurants and beautiful Middle Eastern scenery.A comprehensive diplomatic solution has evaded international efforts, leaving some disillusioned about the prospect of peace. Despite this short-term outlook, progress toward peace between Israelis and Palestinians remains possible. Institute of Peace has worked on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Arab-Israeli relations.Large-scale violence ebbs and flows, leaving communities insecure and enabling the conflict to persist as a rallying tool for extremist actors, thereby demanding continued U. An established Israeli and Palestinian civil society ecosystem works to advance prospects for a just and lasting peace, and regional geopolitical shifts may offer new openings to forge progress toward Israeli-Palestinian and broader regional conflict resolution. Through dialogue, analysis, and joint action at the grassroots and policy levels, USIP works to strengthen diplomatic peacemaking efforts, enhance community security for Israelis and Palestinians, empower Palestinian and Israeli civil society actors to build trust within and between their societies, and build institutional capabilities that prepare the ground for a just, peaceful, and sustainable solution to the conflict.But too often these religious voices have been excluded from Israeli-Palestinian diplomatic and grassroots efforts.

A two very intense weeks’ program, that is fully available , will be the occasion to attend courses and take part into social activities.Information contained herein are subject to amendment, postponement and cancellation by the organizer at any time without notice.For more detailed information on each event, please check the official website of its organizer.There is always something happening and it is unlikely you will feel bored while living there.Keeping busy to begin with can help expatriates with home sickness and is a great way to meet new people.

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