Dating a crack addict

Posted by / 19-Jun-2020 01:07

Their monetary situation can be precarious because they are spending much of their income feeding their addiction.Drug use can skew their ability to understand responsibilities, making them unable to keep a job, remember important dates, or take good care of children if they are involved.Having an addiction messes with everything, from every day life events to the small details.Drugs can cloud judgment, leading to more fights and arguments.Not having trust in a relationship is a recipe for disaster.Because of clouded judgment from substance abuse, drug and alcohol addicts are more likely to become violent when under the influence.

When your significant other begins to let you down in all these different areas of life, it can create emotional distancing between the two of you.When they are involved with drugs, they cannot be fully involved and committed to you.This means lying, hiding, and being shady about their drug use in general, which creates distrust and suspicion between the two partners.Unfortunately, when you begin to feel second tier, you begin to harbor resentment towards that person.This leads to more arguments, fights, and misunderstandings.

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