Dating a convicted felon Cam zonesex

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Don't forget if he doesn't pay his fines or if they have unpaid back child support the gov't can put a warrant to intercept your state tax return unless you file a form that keeps them from taking your return on your income only and not his (makes it separate). So I have to ask would marrying a felon affect my credit or capability of getting a job?

Marrying a felon does NOT affect your credit nor does getting a job unless it's governmental. I can speak to the credit score issue if you have joint credit with someone who has bad credit (if you are married or not) it will impact your score, any loans or credit cards you try to obtain together will have a higher interest rate and most likely higher fees.

And when he get out do this have him work from home . If your love is real, it will stand the time and trials, and you will be together if it is meant to be.

She could be opposed to your entire relationship, where it sounds like she's just more concerned about you marrying this guy.And from what I understand, getting that label expunged in TX is next to impossible.He won't impact your credit score just because he's a felon, but almost all apartment complexes restrict felons from living there, and if you lie on the application, and they find out, they can evict you and that will further impact your ability to find housing, as well as impact your credit, career and or identity is not built on my marriage, i work my a$$ off at "everything" i do, if i dont know how to do something - you wouldnt know it, i'd fake it to make it or something!sure i had some heat over my criminal history, but keeping it real placed me in light and peace - i have it together.

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Hi , well since you were nice to me on my thread about the triplets i have something to tell you .

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