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We’ve created a free cheat sheet that gives you Right questions? You want to make sure the questions you’re asking are targeted and fall into specific categories.Like favorite animals and if they were stranded on an island, who would they want to be stranded with? Serious job related questions…questions that can ultimately make or break your desire to accept the job should it be offered.Not having questions makes you appear lazy, unmotivated, and unprepared…exactly the opposite of someone they want to hire. The key to being a good question “asker” is to make sure you’re asking the right questions.

We have gathered 15 funny interview questions that help you get to know the person behind the CV so you’re in for no nasty shocks when you hire someone: 1. Nobody wants to do a job they hate or work in a place where they’re miserable…and the fastest way to make sure you end up in work hell is to NOT ask questions. Remember, this is a lot like dating and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into.So, put on your thinking cap and sharpen your pencil…it’s time to get started. Who would want to spend any more precious time with someone who was so self-involved?Not only are you getting more information about the job, you’re showing the interviewer that you genuinely care about the position, the company, and your role should you get hired. Because asking questions not only gets you vital information about the job you’re interviewing for, it also shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get that information…especially if you not only come in with well thought out questions…but tailor those questions as well!

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Imagine this…you’re a hiring manager and you’ve just had a potential candidate interview with you. (What’s “” Check out our blog article Job Interview Questions and Answers 101 to learn more) Remember, the ultimate goal is always to be the PERFECT CANDIDATE and that means doing a little extra work before you even get to the interview.

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