Cystic fibrosis dating another person with cystic fibrosis dating strengths and weaknesses quiz

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Cystic fibrosis dating another person with cystic fibrosis

There is a CF on couple on facebook that is married but I'm pretty sure they both ended up with transplants. It's definitely nice to have something in common and someone who understands completely but these days CF people can chat online, video call, text, etc. Another story of a CF couple was recently in the news, comparing them to the characters in the movie "The Fault in Our Stars." They met online. She had the attitude that the she'd accept the consequences for love and risk the infection.

I'm not sure how sick they were before they met each other. there are plenty of fish in the sea that don't have CF. She ended up with Cepacia and lost the rest of her lung function.

I agree with Amber, lots of fish in the sea and lots of ways to have connections and friendships with other CF folks while maintaining proper physical distance.

That being said, I hang out with my brothers and that would be a cross-infection risk if we didn't already have similar colonies.

MRSA can live on surfaces for a very long time, as can pseudo.

And one doesn't always experience symptoms when culturing things. While I think that any two adults can make their own choice and live with the consequences of those choices (granted no two adults are an island and should still make smart choices), once you are a parent then you have to also consider the consequence your choices have on your children.

Thirtysomething Dad of three (IVFw/ICSI), Mormon, Engineer in Utah. So there you both sick unable to wash the dishes, do the laundry, cook dinner...... You have two people in one house that are worthless when sick.

I was dx at 1 yr (failure to thrive), D▲F508, FEV1~94%, PA and MSSA, PI.

live with cystic fibrosis (CF.) Doctors diagnose about 1,000 new cases each year. It can also cause severe lung damage like cysts (fluid-filled sacs) and fibrosis (scar tissue). If the CFTR gene doesn’t work the way it should, a sticky mucus builds up throughout your body.The thick mucus caused by CF blocks ducts in your pancreas. These small, hard mineral deposits can cause nausea, vomiting, and pain. Because it upsets the balance of minerals in the blood, it can also bring about low blood pressure, fatigue, a fast heart rate, and a general feeling of weakness.This stops digestive enzymes (proteins that break down your food) from reaching your intestine. If the tubes that remove bile become clogged, your liver gets inflamed and severe scarring called cirrhosis happens. Because breaking down high-acid foods that come from the stomach is a challenge, the lining of the small intestine can erode. Thick secretions in your stomach can make your feces (your poop) very thick. In some cases, the intestine may also start to fold in on itself like an accordion, called “intussusception.” Bladder. Almost 65% of women with CF have stress incontinence. Although CF is a severe condition that needs daily care, many treatments for it have improved.It is a very heavy responsibility that leaves parents sacrificing their own freedoms/wants/needs for the best interest of their kids.You probably already think about this already, but how would a choice to date someone with CF affect your 6 yr old?

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As much as you might need someone with CF to help you, your daughter might someday need an adult in her life (future step-dad) who understands what it is like to deal with all the sucky things that come with loving someone with CF.

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