Cvs linux pserver not validating password

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Cvs linux pserver not validating password

You want the cvs files owned by a user cvs (maybe with tight privileges) and no users running shells on your servers.The person who administrates cvs-users is probably less knowledgeable and less trusted than the system-administrator of the server.To keep things simple at this stage we are giving all users the ability to read and write the repository.As things change you will probably want to change this. Depending on what you are intending to do with CVS depends a little on which tools you will want to use on the client side to interact with your repository.

First grab yourself a copy of the CVS Server should do it. CVSD allows running a repository which has been chroot'ed. Under this scheme, you will be running the invocation of CVS as root, so this extra bit of security will help.If you don't currently have a repository to bring over you will have to create one with this command which will create a default empty repository at the path specified.I do most Java work and use Net Beans as my development environment of choice.This has built in CVS functionality that works very well.

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