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Many child stars have walked away from the show with the needed boost to their careers to become A-list stars.Though the series was a stepping stone in their career, its lasting effects helped to boost them into the spotlight for film and TV.Her acting roles have included appearances in several subpar films including , actress Stacey Farber began her career on the show portraying Ellie Nash.As one of the new freshman in the Class of 2006, she became known as the goth girl of their class.

In the aftermath of her never shied away from tackling controversial issues faced by teenagers.In the end, Kemeny did not gain any new acting projects and actually regrets leaving the show., Shenae Grimes tackled some serious storylines during her time on the show.After her final show in 2008, her acting career came to a halt.According to, Mc Intyre has “kept a private life.

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, her resume only included modeling and several national commercials.