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This decision led to a dramatic decline in the risk premia on sovereign yields, notably those of Italy and Spain.Thus, it contributed to the efforts undertaken in the euro area, which also involved the creation of the banking union, to break the vicious circle of sovereign risk undermining banks’ stability and thus their ability to finance the real economy.Together, these measures have already helped – and continue to help – ease financing conditions in the euro area.Despite this progress, the growing threat of prolonged weakness in inflation has made new measures necessary.Madam Chairman, Mr Vice-Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen of the National Assembly, Thank you for the opportunity to address you today.The National Assembly, like all of the national parliaments, plays a vital role every day in the necessary interaction between national and European institutions.The Governing Council, for example, decided to supply banks with unlimited liquidity at a fixed interest rate, to significantly extend the maturity of our refinancing operations and to expand the list of assets eligible for use as collateral.

In response to weak growth and inflation, we lowered our key interest rates to their lower bound.

The OMT tool has not been used, but it still could be if fears of the single currency’s integrity resurface.

More recently, to help stimulate the flow of financing to the economy, the Governing Council decided on new unconventional measures to support the provision of credit.

In countries gripped by financial difficulties, financing conditions remained restrictive, despite the easing of monetary policy.

To restore uniform monetary policy transmission and tackle the risks to price stability, the ECB thus needed to combine conventional measures with unconventional measures tailored to the particular situation in the euro area.

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They began in March and are expected to continue until the end of September 2016.

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