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As a member of *NSYNC, he expanded his repertoire by co-producing and co-writing tracks on their third album, "Celebrity" (2001).

He also labeled as "rumor" other reports that he was dating Daniele Fishel, who had broken off a relationship with fellow *NSYNC band mate Lance Bass.

His friend Sharon Osbourne said of him "He’s got a huge heart - that’s what makes him sexy.

Usually you get guys who are gorgeous and a bit of a dummy.

Pre-teens and grown women alike nearly swoon in his presence.

Ellen De Generes joked that her girlfriend said, "You’re liking him a little too much." At the Super Bowl on February 1, 2004, in Houston, TX, Timberlake performed a halftime duet with Janet Jackson, a performance that caused an uproar when Timberlake ripped off part of Jackson’s outfit, exposing her breast on national TV.

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He appeared on "Star Search" at age 11 and sang country music.