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(The smoking sections of the Huntsville and Birmingham arenas are very populated.) "These games are entertaining.If you're familiar with minor league sports, minor league baseball, they've got a lot of shenanigans that go on in between periods. The local high school marching bands at every game. Boy, they love their smoke in Huntsville: It fills the rink as the players skate out of an inflatable wolf head to start the game. Charles Pitman is the way to go, call 533-5" and the fans chant "oh, oh, oh!It's basically the largest hockey bar in Alabama on Havoc game nights, where all of those transplants in Huntsville wear their colors and congregate. A guy in a Hartford Whalers sweatshirt that he purchased for at a thrift store. His wife, Edie Ryan, is a Washington Capitals fan in a Havoc jersey."I usually go out between periods and have a cigar.

Not to mention the "shenanigans" and the giveaways and the gimmicks."You try and have something that you're doing that night. "Tonight, we're doing a thing where for 50 cents you can have cheese added to anything. It's not something that'll drive people here, but it's something for the people who are here."Some of the fans are watching the game in a way I'd never seen before: Chairs and bar tables against the glass, with servers bringing over beer and chicken nachos.Today, it's the Havoc, thriving since 2004 in the SPHL, and the Bulls, just willed back to existence two years ago in the same league.They played each other in a home-and-home series in November during which the highs, lows and quirks of hockey in Alabama were on display."But you're out in the community, you're talking to someone, and a lot of times they pick it up right away: 'You're a Havoc player.' If you're Canadian, what are you doing in Alabama if you're not on the hockey team, right?"If you are Canadian and you are playing for the Huntsville Havoc or the Birmingham Bulls, the two SPHL franchises in Alabama, you've undoubtedly had "the talk" with your friends back home.

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He retired in June at 32 years old, having seen it all in the SPHL. To experience our entertainment, and our giveaways."The transplants are here in Huntsville to work aerospace and military jobs. "It's kind of funny sometimes -- you'll hear people saying, 'Oh you're with the Havoc.

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  1. I'm guessing that the OP is either a CO or in some other authoritative position which is why they can see each other only on a limited basis. My guess would be the problem was that they shouldn't have been having sex in the first place but we'll probably never know.