Changesets and updating work items radiocarbon dating for dummies

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Changesets and updating work items

Classification nodes define the set of values that can be used in the area and iteration fields for the work items in the team project.

We have begun using the following branching structure in TFS 2010: All changes so far have been performed in the Development branch, and all check-ins have been associated with a Task work item.

After checking in a change-set into source control in VS2010 TFS, how do I make corrections to the work items associated with the check-in.

For example if I realize there was another work item that should be linked to the changeset or if it was a bug fix and it was linked to the wrong bug work item?

Each CI build is triggered for a particular changeset, and the changeset is associated with a Task, so we can manually figure out which Bug or PBI was just built.Actually, and approval is an agreement on the status of some data so, obviously, you don’t want to let anybody else to change these data once you gave your approval.To implement such behavior, we have a Save Work Item precondition named “Prevent editing”.Some time after the code has been built, deployed to our Integration environment and tested by the developer, it is merged to the Main branch.Obviously, more than one changeset may be merged to Main at the same time.

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