Cellvalidating in

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Cellvalidating in

some suggest AJAX but i could figure out to adapt it here thanks I know the basic idea of PPC is that you put adverts on your site and then you get paid for it. Ideally I would like to find a suitable e-commerce system that I can work with, tweak and customise.

So if a client needs an ecommerce site my task would be to build a custom interface and hook it up with this system.

It generates an error message when i type in the name of the item.

The rest of the cell validations are perfectly working!

My wife got a Veryfit Pro fitness monitor for Christmas. I also tried Pinterest but most users just bounce off the website, although it can drive a good amount of traffic.

I have tried but then i cant get the results i want.

I also tried to look it up in this forum but i still can't get it...

Here is part of the code:[ICODE]void sort() cout Firstly a little overview - my site uses Wordfence (this is not the issue - just the reason for this to begin with) -- Even if Wordfence is disabled this should still work. I have been getting numerous login attempts from different places and IP's using the hidden password recovery, or simply force loading names into the admin page.

I have seen a pattern emerging, whereas the popular name tries are: administrator, wpadmin, admin, wpadministrator, and a few others.

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Since I installed the Windows 10 update in April it stoppped working.

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