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That's why when celebs date other celebs there is too much competion and that's hard on a relationship.

People need to stop thinking like that and be more open minded.

"The best way to find out all of them would be to research which celebrities are Jewish and find out if they have Twitter accounts.

Some Jewish celebrities who use Twitter are Joan Rivers, Stephen Fry, Gene Simmons, Aubrey Drake Graham (Drake) and Adam Sandler." Basically every one of them. Usually The emails for celebrities don't work, and they usually don't write back. If you want to contact a celebrity, you can go to find THOUSANDS of celebrities and there mailing addresses.. One can find a list of celebrities homes in Hollywood by visiting sites that offer the lists of said homes.

It's any obsessive fan's dream to marry their ultimate celebrity crush.

Look at how many people were disappointed when Ryan Gosling had a baby with Eva Mendes, despite the fact that there was no chance they would have ended up with him even if he wasn't having a Baby Gos.

After Tess was spotted out in his t-shirt, Harry's fans went nuts, causing Tess to speak out: "For everyone following and messaging me, I am thankful but please be kind with your words.

All I want is to share beautiful food with you all," she wrote on her Insta.

Maybe they do for publicity, and maybe because they meet a lot of celebrities on set when they work. video uncut here 18 ))) Normally you have to be in there circle to even consider that.So if your not famous you should get to know famous people or have a work which has to do with fame behind the scenes such as a producer, writer, journalist, author, ect.I don't think celebrities are against dating people who are not in the acting profession I just think it's very difficult for famous people to meet other people. The population of Celebs on this planet isn't that much.Why is it that people act like Celebs and Non Celebs are diff level of species or something. So a Celeb could absoulty date or even marry a Non-Celeb. Sometimes having a Non-Celeb can be good for the Celeb help them keep grounded and keep some what of a normal life plus there isn't any compititon.

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