Camila grey and leisha hailey dating fat dating website

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Camila grey and leisha hailey dating

Since news broke of Jane Lynch’s divorce from her wife Lara Embry, the actress, comedian, out lesbian and game show host hasn’t been linked to a new flame.While the wonderful, whimsical Jane seems happy living the single life, we would never hesitate to cheer her on for finding a new love.

Although she’s been spotted being pretty affectionate with some of her besties, most recently during a NYE smooch with dancer Jojo Gomez she hasn’t been linked romantically to anyone since her breakup with long-term love Wilmer Valderrama. Filmmaker, fashion icon, You Tuber and professional cuddler Ari Fitz will make any woman swoon.In her memoir, Velasquez reveals that she had her daughter with a previous partner, a woman named Lauren.At the time the book was published, she was dating Ileanna Simancas, a Venezuelan actress, but both women are believed to be currently single.Uh-Huh Her, made up of Hailey and her partner Camila Grey cranked out fun, fresh, techno-pop tunes. Rumor has it, the split of the band led to the split of the couple, or the other way around, who knows.The point is, Hailey has been single since 2016, and it’s time for her to start making music with someone new.

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When she’s not demonstrating cuddle techniques, Ari makes one of our favorite video series, her hilarious “lesbians react” videos, which is exactly what it sounds like.