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If they’re sleeping through the whole incident, Owl records 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after it first detects something happening.Users can also review the past 24 hours through the app, although it’ll be a lot of footage with no flagged content to jump to.Owl calls its gadget a full security system because it’s always on and detects break-ins and accidents through sound detection and accelerometers.It sends users a push notification when something is going on, so they can watch the incident live or go check on their car.Owl thinks there are plenty of people who want to record police incidents, though, and that the camera setup is easier than a cellphone.

When disabled, live video and audio streaming still works.(Owl goes through AT&T.) But I worry that the market for dash cams has already been saturated.Every cab driver in New York City already has one installed, as do people who value video footage.Drivers use the phrase, “OK Presto,” to tell the device to save a 20-second clip.(The company says they chose “presto” because it’s “phonetically distinct” and won’t be accidentally activated.) Drivers can then name that clip and revisit the footage without having to cycle through 24 hours’ worth of content.

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Note: For “Hold to Talk” to function you will have to enable it on your initial use. Only the individuals who have signed into the associated Kasa account can.

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