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By dating guide step step

Ok, I know was harsh in the beginning when I said to cut off all contact.You probably didn’t want to listen to me because you still need “closure”.If you followed Step 1 and 2 properly, this mode should be a littler easier on you but it still won’t be easy. There are crisis hotlines, couneslling chat groups or even just articles or You Tube videos of people documenting that they are going through the same thing.No matter how alone you think you are, there are people out there going through this as well.You want to go out and party, cut your hair really short, have one night stands etc. Just try to do this in a healthy way that will cause you the least amount of regret.Alot of the time we have to let ourselves act the way we feel, but we should also prepare for the next stage that our emotions will go through. Step 1 is to cut off all contact but this is the very time where we feel like we can handle talking to our ex or stalking him on Facebook.The new you is happier, more confident and more secure.

“I’m fine really, I don’t mind going to meet up with him for coffee.” That may be true while you’re in denial. Do yourself a favour and stay one step ahead of the game so that you can recover faster.You won’t date a guy who doesn’t have a job like your last boyfriend. These posts might be helpful: Lana is a professional dating coach.You won’t date a guy who is controlling like your last boyfriend because you know what that looks like now. She is aware that modern women do not need to settle down and get married if they don't want to.BUT it doesn’t mean that you can’t get through it, you definitely can.I strongly belive in the power of our brains to control our emotions.

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You’re not alone, don’t allow yourself to go through this alone.