Bluetooth enabled proximity dating service g4

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Bluetooth enabled proximity dating service g4

“We have always been bemused by how little we like-minded concertgoers mingle before each set begins.

The technology relies on apps collecting the data from an i Beacon and using it to do .Where Tinder uses Wi-Fi location data and GPS signals to lock your range down to a mile or so radius, i Beacons allows Mingleton to accomplish location-based discovery for individuals in the same room.Launch Here uses i Beacons to make your home more aware.Yet, as I discovered, in-store advertising is just one use of i Beacon technology.Innovative developers are applying Apple’s i Beacons to improve our social lives, make our smartphones more intuitive, and save us money on electric bills.i Beacons are Apple’s implementation of Bluetooth beacon technology.

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With Launch Here we simply link those two worlds together by helping you to launch these apps from your lock screen quickly at the right place.”If an i Beacon is placed by your couch in your living room, for example, Launch Here can guess that your intent might be to use your Apple TV, so it brings up Apple’s Remote app without you having to search for it.

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