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And how do Jewish women feel about being the object of a sexual fetish?I walked away from “The Rise of the Hot Jewish Girl” infuriated with Noxon’s liberal use of the word “Jewess.” On a second read-through I was surprised to find that he only used the word twice in the whole piece!We did not address the idea of the Jewess as an ethnically exoticized object of sexual fetish, though some commenters did.This article reminds us that this discussion is far from over.

That being said, women with comely faces and nicely shaped bodies are desirable regardless of ethnicity. There are no fat chicks there, save a few Russian Jews. The worst looking girls are a few Russians and the bulk are 1st generation Americans whose parents were from New York, Florida, or Michigan, almost exclusively Ashkenazi (think LI/SI).So where is this "obsession" with ethnic Jewish women? I don't know a single soul who has a burning "obsession" for these ethnic LI and SI women. Non-ethnic Jewish women such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Hudson, or Rachel Bilson are sometimes attractive and desirable.But, we all know their level of physical attractiveness has nothing to do with how Jewish they are.This refers to the over-emphasis of ethnicity to the point where women are no longer human beings, but “creatures” of wild or foreign beauty.The media constantly fetishizes women of color in this way.

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If we are all being honest here, without reverting to the knee-jerk reaction of accusing me of Antisemitism, we can agree there are very few poor souls fetishizing ethnic Long Island Jews. As a side note, right out of college I lived in Israel for a year working for Intel. The great looking Ashkenazi sabras have been there since 1948 or before and have mixed in well.

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