Benefits from consolidating databases

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Benefits from consolidating databases

Our data migration and integration software, Transformation Manager, extracts and migrates data from different formats.And our Data Hub software access datastores via the internet processes the data into a common format and loads it into a target data store.Then you can identify the applications that fit this profile.Some general traits that make an application a good candidate for consolidation are: Each of these strategies has different advantages and disadvantages related to security and compliance requirements, high availability and disaster recovery requirements, resource management benefits, level of consolidation density, and manageability tradeoffs Consolidation projects are typically started to achieve specific goals such as creating room for new servers or reducing operating expenditure.All aspects of the business produce and require information.The ability to provide the best service or product depends on the flow, control and visibility of this information.

Newer generation servers using solid-state drive (SSD) storage on cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, provides even greater performance with fewer cores.

The process requires software or consultancy to extract the information from multiple formats and locations.

The benefits to your business include: At ETL Solutions we’ve been integrating disparate sources of data for over a decade.

Problems tend to occur when parts of the business use different software applications or methods of storing information.

This can make the process of accessing and analysing data extremely difficult and costly.

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IT professionals have known for years that database consolidation offers a wide range of benefits, including reduced equipment costs, significant savings on license management, and a more productive, integrated system that lowers latency.

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