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When the czar fell in 1918, Azerbaijan quickly formed a secular republic, which included granting women the right to vote (a year before the United States).

Less than two years after declaring independence, the country fell under the restrictive rule of the USSR, and then had to wait 71 years to regain its independence with the fall of the Soviet Union.

The oldest community of Jews today lives in the Caucasus Mountains region near Guba, where they became known as “Mountain Jews.” Historians believe Jews first settled there in the 5th century; many today speak their own language, Juhuri, which is a blend of Farsi and Hebrew.

In the Guba region is a village called Red Town, where all 4,000 inhabitants are Jewish.

In fact, half of Israel’s oil supply comes from Azerbaijan.

Beyond oil, there is sharing in technology, agriculture, solar energy, medical cooperation, cybersecurity and defense.

The Consul General is very proud of the religious harmony in his country.

There might just be some great relationships coming up in the cast.

Andrew Gribble interviews Tori Petry from the Detroit Lions about the matchup between the two teams in their` final preseason game of 2019.

Tori talks about seeing Baker Mayfield's progression from last season as well as Matt Patricia's growth as a head coach in his second season with the Lions.

Baku / Azerbaijan web: [email protected]: 994 12 555 51 26 Mob1.

Earlier this year, my professional team had the pleasure of meeting Nasimi Aghayev, the Consul General for Azerbaijan stationed in Los Angeles. Aghayev oversees 13 Western states, and this was his first trip to Oregon. Kate Brown, Mayor Charlie Hales and other political leaders.

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Baku is the capital of this oil-rich country, where the vast majority of its citizens are Shiite Muslim.

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