Asp net calendar not updating who is prodigy dating

Posted by / 16-Sep-2019 11:28

That includes loading the grid, loading the history table, processing the control clicks, etc.

The version that comes up on the downloaded version is not the one I'm updating, even though in I have uploaded the new calendar, saved, and published.

I update the event calendar section of our site each month.

I can change the events listed on the site--no problem.

I've tried removing div History altogether, and putting my literal control inside pnl Grid.

I've tried manually deleting the contents of div History just before doing the ajax call, by changing my client-side Get Item() function to look like this: Okay, I fixed the problem, although I don't know exactly why the problem occurred in the first place.

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You can see in the above image I had restricted to select future date, with the help of the code behind.