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While You Qing alludes to preferring to be a book that is read over and over again in a previous episode, and Li Wei also compares her to a book, nothing shook audiences more than when Da Ren shared that You Qing is the book he would read over and over again. You Qing and Da Ren have many phone calls throughout the drama, but one of the most memorable one is when she teaches Da Ren how she removes her makeup step by step.

Although it is actually her doing the makeup removal process and Da Ren is listening to her explain it, the producers add a visual twist where we see Da Ren removing You Qing’s make up for her.

Catch the first episode of “In Time With You”: Watch Now What are your favorite moments from “In Time With You? This left Maggie heartbroken and Da Ren had to face the facts that he was in love with his best friend, who, at the time, did not reciprocate.The metaphors in this drama are strong and their continuity are what make them so powerful.Of course, they use a cassette tape to make us realize how long ago it was.If there is a lesson we’ve learned from the drama world, it’s that timing is everything.

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Da Ren’s note, wishing her well but also baring his heart, will make you curse at the gods that they missed each other due to timing.