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For example, you cut all of the guys you're dating off because you really really like this one guy you've been dating for 6 months because of that idea that you shave cut everyone off when in fact if you move off of the energy or motive of the guy who you're dating, and lets say he actually isn't feeling as serious as you are or have no intentions on making things monogamous, you're going to find out that you've "lost out" with these other guys. Whether or not it is wrong, I feel is also based off of the persons involved.If you're dealing with a guy who is only interested in dating and not working toward a commitment or is has split focus between other women he's dating, then it isn't wrong, it's the situation.If he doesn't seem serious and seems like he's avoiding having something serious or at least set enough where you two have an understanding, then I would still date other men and would even contemplate cutting him off, but that depends on what you want and how serious you want everything.

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If you’ve met on the Internet, you should talk to him or her on the phone before meeting in person.

Your first meeting should be a well lit, populated place.

After a date, don’t sit by the phone waiting for a call. “Lies have short legs” and the truth will come out when you least expect it. Take some good dating advice – go out there and find your mate.

It’s been a while since I submitted an article as I had to do some (gulp) ‘paid work’ to support my shoe habit. All I can say is “thank god for blocking mechanisms”. Wherever you go – Facebook, MSN, Twitter, they’re there! If you do you have opened the door to a whole set of questions – “Then why don’t you want to see me again”; “You said you had a good time so what’s the problem”. If you meet them online say “Hi” but don’t overly encourage them, otherwise they think you are now soul mates, destined to be together forever. I once chatted to this guy online for roughly 5 minutes, he said some stuff that really made me uneasy.

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Whether it’s at a Single Mingle event, in the course of a consultation or as a matchmaking client, these women are successful, funny, talented, healthy and lacking one thing: A partner. There's actually only Always Attract Commitment Phobes? " What Mihalko is getting at in his stream of consciousness blog post using music as an analogyis this: If you're a Jazz lover, why are you still dating Classical lovers?

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