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Andy hendrickson comedian dating

1985 (heart attack) Actor – Max Detweiler in the Sound of Music George “Gabby” Hayes b. 1969 (heart failure) Actor – Sidekick to Roy Rogers Helen Hayes b. 1993 (heart failure) Actress – First Lady of American Theatre Isaac Hayes b.1942 d. Dixon on Room 222 – also on General Hospital Louis “Deke” Hayward b. March 26, 2002 (complications of pneumonia) Creator of Winky Dink and You Susan Hayward b. 1975 (brain cancer) Actress – Barbara Graham in I Want to Live Rita Hayworth b. 1987 (Alzheimers) Actress – Vera Simpson in Pal Joey Edith Head b. 1981 (bone marrow disease) Costume Designer Bobby Hebb b. 2010 (lung cancer) Singer / Songwriter – hit single “Sunny”Mitch Hedberg b. March 30, 2005 (heart failure) Comedian Van Heflin b. 1971 (heart attack) Actor – Joe Starritt in Shane Hugh Hefner b. 27, 2017 (natural) Publisher – editor-in-chief and publisher of Playboy magazine (1953 – present)Robert Hegyes b. January 26, 2012 (heart attack) Actor – Juan Epstein on “Welcome Back Kotter” (1975-79)Robert Anson Heinlein b. 1988 (Emphysema and related disabilities) Writer – Science Fiction Joseph Heller b. 1999 (heart attack) Writer – Catch-22Bobby Helms b. 1997 Singer – Jingle Bell Rock, My Special Angel Sen. 1990 (suicide) Actor – Rusty Williams in Make Room for Daddy George Hamilton IV b. 2014 (heart attack) C&W star, sang at Grand Ole Opry John Hamilton b. 1958 Actor – Perry White on Superman Margaret Hamilton b. 1985 (heart attack) Actress – The Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz Marvin Hamlisch b. April 27, 2002 (compliations of colon surgery) Creator of Barbie doll, co-founder of Mattel toy company William Hanna b. March 22, 2001 Annimator – half of Hanna-Barbera Productions – The Flintstones, The Jetsons Edward Hardwicke b. 2011 (cancer) English Actor – Doctor Watson on TV series “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”Oliver Hardy b. 1957 Comedian – Of Laurel and Hardy Michael Hargitay b. September 14, 2006 Bobybuilder ex-husband of Jayne Mansfield and father of Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay John Marshall Harlan b.

April 14, 2007 (heart failure) Singer/performer – Tiny Bubbles Cheryl Holdridge b. Jan 06, 2009 (lung cancer) Actress – a Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club James “Jimmy” Hoffa b. 1975 (good question) Teamster leader – His body is still missing Abbie Hoffman b.1936 d. 2, 2014 (drug overdose) Actor / director – “Capote”, “Scent of a Woman”, “Twister”Ben Hogan b. 1981(Bled to death from a minor fall while drunk) Actor- Shears in Bridge on the River Kwai Geoffrey Holder b. 2014 (Pneumonia) Actor/ choreographer/ dancer – bad guy Baron Samedi in “Live and Let Die”Buddy (Holley) Holly b. February 3, 1959 (plane crash) Musician – Peggy Sue Celeste Holm b. 2000 Actor – The Friendly Giant on Canadian TVJan Hooks b. 28, 2009 (old age complications) Radio Newsman & Broadcaster Richard Hatch b. 2017 (pancreatic cancer) Actor – Captain Apollo in “Battlestar Galactica” (1978-80)Bobby Hatfield b. November 5, 2003 Singer – One of the Righteous Brothers Richie Havens b. April 22, 2013 (heart attack) Musician – folk singer and guitarist who’s song “Freedom” opened the 1969 Woodstock Festival June Haver b. July 4, 2005 (respiratory failure ) Actress – The Dolly Sisters; known as the “pocket Grable”Howard Hawks b. 1977 Director – Rio Bravo, Rio Lobo Russell “Lucky” Hayden b. August 10, 2008 Musician/composer (wrote the theme to “Shaft”)Lloyd Haynes b.

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2016 (Alzheimer’s disease) Actor – Schneider on “One Day At A Time”Damon Harris b. February 23, 2013 (prostate cancer) Singer – Temptations (1971 – ’75)Jonathan Harris b.