Andrew vanwyngarden fabiola gatti still dating is anne heche still dating james tupper

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Andrew vanwyngarden fabiola gatti still dating

Hey give Narsin some credit for taking the time to post all these wonderful comments about herself (Narsin you forgot to add you discovered penicillin, how could you forget) You guys gotta agree with me she’s not as dumb as we thought, at least now we know she can type! Dude, Fabiola was in a surf band and has surfed all her life…I just read Andrew has taken up surfing and now he’s totally into surf music, surf culture…

So pls don’t talk about “Fabiola and Nasrin” like if they were the same, they are quite a significant bit different.

Now if he is actually dating fabiola or nasrin its obviously just a bit of fun and not serious and he has to know that and theyre too young for him anyway.

Also if u watch recent interviews compared with even this time last year he seems more sad and low .

If it’s true that Fabiola is marrying Andrew then Johnny must be devastated. She scored highly in Irish high school exams before moving to NY you prejudiced ass! The Narsin girl made that story up to get publicity but now it’s been officially proven to be a fake story and it’s been officially confirmed that he’s dating Fabiola, since October’08.

And whatever Andrew decides to do with his life, whoever he dates, or if one day he gets married with, etc I don’t care as long as he keeps making music forever. He said Fabiola is the love of his life he wrote a whole album like totally dedicated to her. he is dating a model (19 years old) called Nasrin Leahy, the most stupid girl in the world. why is such an intelligent guy dating such a stupid girl and not a girl like him, intelligent, cute, with the same age? Im a personal friend of hers and that is a ridiculous comment to make when you dont even know her.

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Anyone knows exactly how long Andrew & Fabiola have been together for? I remember I read Andrew was single back in april (when I first listened to their music! He is in our mind somewhere, pieces of him and MGMT’s music with Ben. if they come to hungary again im in first row with you! I’m sure he’s gay with the other guy in the band (i can’t remember his name) they would look so cute together^^ look at this video et focus on Andrew staring at the other guy^^ it’s confusing

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