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It can curb stranger anxiety because when they are attached to you, they feel safe. You can breast-feed in the carriers, which makes it a hands-free nursing option. They do have preschool carriers, but you see that more with special-needs kids. We started the group after several months of traveling to Troy to a carrier store there. One of the challenges was finding a place where you can let the toddlers and babies run free without disturbing other people.6. We also pass out cards to the Allen and Auglaize WIC offices, so we get people through there that don’t have Facebook sometimes.Another benefit is that if you wear a newborn it can help increase or regulate your milk supply.3. If you carry them on your back, they don’t feel as scared or lost in a crowd.4. There are a lot of different carriers, and there was no place local to try them out. Each meeting, we have between eight and 10 that come, and while we have regulars, we usually have new people every time.7.Parents should supervise their children at all times while the necklace is being worn.

Even if string got torn only one bead would come of.

We offer high quality, authentic Baltic Amber Jewelry that is hand strung in Lithuania.

Sizes colors and shape of beads and the length of the necklace may vary from necklace to necklace.

Orosz | The Lima News Keria’ Hites with her daughter, Alivia, 22 months.

Hites is wearing an “Oscha Japanese knot Juliet ring sling” and sister Amber Carson and son, Jaxon, 15 months, is wearing a “DYI (Do It Yourself) Tardis ring sling.” LIMA — Keria’ Hites was surprised to find how hard it was getting much done after she had her first child, Livy.“Livy happened to be a clingy, high-needs baby,” Hites said.

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Strong silk, typically matching the amber color is used for every necklace.

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