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Flooding is clearly partly driven by climate-related factors, and projections are that urban flooding will worsen as Nigeria’s climate is likely to see growing shifts in temperature, rainfall, storms and sea levels throughout the twenty-first century (Abiodun et al. Urban floods are not only accompanied by loss of lives and properties but also damage to crucial infrastructure, which leads to the disruption of socio-economic activities and, in some cases, temporary or permanent displacement of people.

Thus, the need to sustainably manage floods in Nigerian urban centres is even more pressing considering the challenging problems of inadequacy and deterioration of urban infrastructure (Ogu ).

Thus, the poor state of infrastructure in cities is now a major source of worry whenever it rains.

The situation is such that residents have not entirely recovered from preceding flooding before another incident occurs.

Often underlying such argument is a lack of distinction between causative factors, driving forces and impacts.

In hydrological terms, flooding is a natural phenomenon (Fleming ), mostly a result of extreme weather and climate events.

In a developing country like Nigeria, there are still questions around lessons that can be learnt from understanding the narratives of policy actors, to unravel the complex nature of strategies and policy directions in managing urban floods.

This paper follows a growing body of literature investigating flooding and the media (Bohensky and Leitch ).

In many instances, socio-economic efforts designed to ameliorate impacts can take years to be realised.

For instance, in 2015, victims of the 2012 flood were yet to receive housing promised to them (Wantu and Akubo ) and illustrate the potentially complex interactions between human and the environment.

A critical element of current flood management is the importance of engaging key policy actors when policy decisions are to be made.

However, there is still only limited understanding of how narratives of flood management actors may influence flood management policies, even though there is a suggestion that actors can strategically use their narratives to influence policy directions.

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The majority of urban infrastructure (such as roads, railways, etc.) in many Nigerian cities (except for new cities like Abuja) was laid during the pre-independence era and was not designed to meet the day-to-day challenges of modern urban populations let alone stand any major flooding due mainly to the fact that infrastructures are under-designed.

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