Aj and cm punk dating in real life

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Aj and cm punk dating in real life

Natalya used to get B-List status for her love of the 2011 Volkswagen CC.

However, the couple has started to improve their garage.

WWE has found the most success with them by pairing them as a unit.

Their decision to own a home in Nashville has led to them purchasing some cars for their garage.

Bryan has no interest in upgrading his garage and is content with owning just one car.

They also travel often with limousines as they own one and hire drivers.There are many great established couples on the WWE roster.It naturally happens with so many people working together in a unique lifestyle that requires them to live unusual schedules.The couple of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are the most well-known duo in WWE when it comes to not having a great car collection.Bryan’s current WWE character often rants against consumerism and that is a part of his real life as well.

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Brie has tried to convince Bryan to get a better car or two for their collection, but the wrestling star is content with their Honda Fit.