Advice dating man with kids

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Advice dating man with kids

I let them decide how they wanted to get to know me and it developed naturally the more we interacted.

I knew I couldn’t push them into accepting me—it had to come at their pace. This almost seems too obvious to mention, but I found that it was sometimes hard not to be a parent when you’re around little ones.

I remember fairly early in our relationship, we were at dinner and out of nowhere his demeanor completely changed from happy to sad.

He told me that he missed going out to dinner as a family.

I honestly found this extremely tough and had to check my jealousy at the door.

There were constant reminders of her, not only in the kids themselves but in memories, photos, and so on.

When you do meet the kids, it’ll take some time to warm up… When it was finally time for me to be introduced to his kids, it was a slow process.

I wanted him to know that I was supportive of his little family. Whether it’s an ex-wife, ex-girlfriend or ex-one-night stand, there will be another woman in the picture ALWAYS.

I definitely felt this with the guy I’m dating but with kids in the picture, being together 24/7 isn’t an option.

Once that clicked, I actually found it sexy that he could love someone so much as he does his kids.

Seeing him with his kids showed me that he had a great capacity to love people and to make time for them. All of those earlier feelings of not getting all the attention and having to take a backseat to the kids on occasion went away when I learned how much this man was capable of loving other people.

I felt really lucky to be a part of that and I still do. After spending time with my boyfriend and his kids, I noticed I would really miss them when they were away.

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He wanted to make a place for me not only his life but the lives of his children.

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