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Advantages consolidating schools

The documents in this Consolidation Toolkit, prepared by the policy staff of the Rural School and Community Trust, can help you educate your fellow citizens and the policymakers who have the final say in consolidation decisions.

Read online How to Know if Your School or District is Threatened with Consolidation—and What to Do About It Participants at a workshop at the 2005 Rural Education Working Group conference in Charleston, West Virginia, talked about how to anticipate a threat to consolidate your school before it is too late to stop it, and what to do about it.

Its future appears to be unsure only in its direction or extent of growth.

This paper focuses on the applicability and potential of two-way interactive television (I-TV) for small and rural K-12 schools as a primary asset in improving educational access and equity and calls for the adoption of enlightened distance learning policies and guidelines at the state and local levels.

Last Updated: February 16, 2011 Are you a citizen activist facing the threat of school closure or consolidation?

As you address proposed consolidation on a local or state level, your most potent weapon is good information.

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Indeed, the numbers of schools and districts in this country have been drastically reduced, despite burgeoning school populations.

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