1930s dating guide

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1930s dating guide

In this way, she cannot edge away from him when he becomes serous in his attentions. If she flinches, makes an outcry and tries to get up from the sofa, don’t worry. Tell her that the odor is like “heady wine.” Tell her that her hair smells like a garden of roses.

This done, on some pretext or other, such as a gallant attempt to adjust the cushions behind her (tenderness, you see) he manages to insinuate his arm, first around the back of the sofa and then, gradually, around her shoulders. Hold her, gently but firmly, and allay her fears with kind, reassuring words. However, if she flinches, makes an outcry, a loud stentorian outcry, mind you, and starts to scratch your face, then start to worry or start to get yourself out of a bad situation. Tell her anything, but be sure to tell her something complimentary. Brush past her here in this way again and note her reaction.

Only an arrant fool seizes hold of such a girl when they are comfortably seated on a sofa, and suddenly shoves his face into hers and smacks her lips.

Naturally, the first thing he should do is to arrange it so that the girl is seated against the arm of the sofa while he is at her side. Then take a deep sniff of the perfume in her hair and comment on it.

To be sure, not all of it is outrageously misguided — there is, as in all antiquated ideologies, a kernel of eternal human truth in some of Ramirez’s theories.

He is, for instance, skeptical of the mythology of love at first sight: It is in the understanding of each other that true love is born and nurtures and lives.

Let your lips traverse this distance quickly and then dart into the nape of the neck and, with your lips well pursed, nip the skin there, using the same gentleness as would a cat lifting her precious kittens. Ahead of you lies that which had been promised in your dreams, the tender, luscious lips of the girl you love. One thing you must always remember: love, above all, builds for future happiness.

Realize that no one is perfect and that each of us is likely to err.

If the faults irritate you, remember, try to remember the things about your lover that have made him so lovable to you. See the big things only and let the little things go hang.

This done, it is only a natural thing for you to desire to sink your nose deeper into her hair so that you can get the full benefit of its bouquet. The moment you feel the tip of your nose touch her scalp, purse your lips and kiss her, the while you inhale a deep breath of air that is redolent with the exquisite odor of her hair. Touch the rim of her ear with your lips in a sort of brushing motion. If she draws her head away, return to the hair and sniff luxuriously of it.

Then settle back to her ear, the while you murmur “sweet, airy nothings” into it.

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Not many years ago, our girls were warned to keep their young men from placing their arms around the seat of the buggy when riding or else suffer the ignominy of being classed as fallen women. With the change in social customs there has been a need for a book which dealt with the art of love.